Wednesday, 31 October 2012



L'oreal Volumnious False Lashes

Finding a good mascara is HARD work! Much harder than finding a good man. In fact last week on twitter, I asked for reviews and ideas of a solid mascara because for a while now I have been looking for the perfect one. I don't like to fix permanent Lashes even though I have seen some that have been done pretty well, I think it has to be a personal thing, I just love washing my face vigorously and I would hate anything that would hinder my face routine.

I settled for the strip lashes that I can take off after every use and I have found some pretty good human hair brands that are to die for, the problem however is that I can't stick them in by myself. (I have some pretty ugly stories to tell on that note...phew) And I am yet to have my eyelashes wearing classes by the lovely Liz Yemoja. Until then, what happens on the days that I have to go out last minute, my eye  lashes are scanty and all the big brands and expensive mascaras I have bought in the past didn't do the trick.

Let me introduce you to the Uber amazing L'oreal Voluminous False Lashes Blackest Black. It is from  the staple of L'oreal Paris and it features a unique blend of long and short nylon and rayon fibres. "the same material that is used in making false lashes" When applied, it delivers your natural lashes looking fuller, longer, sculpted and curled  with no clumps or messy results. Hallelluyah somebody!!

I have been using mine for a week now and I love how my eyelashes look longer and false at the same time. They are very affordable too. You can buy one for less than 10 dollars so feel free to try it out and thank me later.




I love Relationships. I am a sucker for love and all my friends know how excited I get when they tell me they have met someone. Sometimes I think i am such a loony... Lol, but I Love LOVE. I am a fairytale believing kind of sister.

 This article unfortunately is not about me and my love for relationships. I have a question which has been lingering on my mind like forever so I will just get right to it.

When you meet someone, how early do you start to tell them all of your secrets? Please don't play self righteous here, we all have secrets. some uglier than the norm but everyone has that little black book. Guys who want to know all about the past are not my favourite kind of people and I cannot stress why enough. I believe that whatever happened prior to the both of you meeting is not and should not be the focus of the relationship.

I have heard stories where 2 people meet and all seems to be going well until one of the 2  drops the bomb  and (opens the little black envelope like I like to call it) starts to play detective. In most cases it is always the guys who want to know how many ex's the girl has had or how many partners she has been with and all that shebang. I find it exhausting because most of the time they feel that they can handle it, and then the moment the girl falls for that trap called confide in me, its all good, I wont mind, etc.. She gets judged. 

If you have any thoughts on this, please feel free to share, Should we tell all or nothing, Is there a set time when it is okay to take that journey to the past? I personally will advise against it. Don't fall for it girls. "naughty me"When you meet someone, focus on the present and building the future, let the past be the past. you beg to differ? 


Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Rick Ross Ft Diddy - Holy Ghost

Pure afternoon jokes, if you are a frequent visitor to this blog you will quickly agree that anything happens on here. At work this morning the Dj played this song called Holy Ghost by Rick Ross ft Diddy and the lyrics of the song, I must say, are quite something.


Diddy has a prayer on the song; Father protect me from Brokeness. This made me laugh and I kept thinking, if Diddy can pray that, who am I to keep mute. My colleague, Nnaya, thought it was funny too but a thought struck me, it is people like this that probably pray that prayer the most because a person who has been poor all his life can't imagine what that prayer means. When you have tasted wealth and poverty starts looking for you, you 'gon' pray like Diddy did, lol. For example someone who owns a private jet will see it as complete torture to travel coach.

Ex super model, talk/ reality show mogullette Tyra Banks

I read an article that featured ex Super Model, now Talk/Reality show host, Tyra Banks once. She was asked what her greatest fear is and she said, waking up one day and losing all that she has. Deep huh? I can totally relate to that feeling. I am allergic to broke, I don't do broke really well to be honest, I can't handle it and I am not afraid to admit it, in fact that's what motivates me to work hard. I hustle as hard as I do because I love the finer things of life and I am unashamed at how bad I want to succeed. What motivates you?

Feel free to share yours

Monday, 29 October 2012

Picture Magic

MousaMousa Magic....

On the set of my photo shoot with Mousa Mousa, the video camera was rolling while he worked his magic.Here is a little video clip to show you what you don't see in the finished product.

As you are posing, there are people working; carrying the light around so that your face gets the right amount of light. They work so hard and for long hours sometimes. The creation of perfection which you see at the end is rough mannnnnnn!


Behind the Scenes

Crazy Moments

Ever wondered what goes on in the studio when the Mic is off? Check out the video below and see what we get up to most times;

Ik Osakioduwa and Toke Makinwa

To be an OAP, you must have a bit of Crazy in you. Hope this made you laugh..xoxo




Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Toke Makinwa, Tosyn Bucknor and Tolu Oniru (Toolz)

What do these 4 ladies have in common you might ask? They are On Air Personalities and this weekend we hung out. Being in the industry can get a bit crazy sometimes, it feels nice to have people who share the same vision as you do. In the world today being a woman is not the easiest role you can play. We deal with so much, and this is in every field. I learnt a while back that the only way we can get ahead is by sticking with one another and that's exactly why we decided to take a break from our busy schedules and get together, which was a great idea btw shout out to Toolz for putting it together.

The night was absolutely fun, Oreka Godis showed up at the end and missed the other ladies but drinks are totally on her at the next edition.

You can listen to Gbemi on the drive time show which starts at 4pm on Beat 99.9fm.
Toolz - The midday show @11am, weekdays Beat 99.9fm.
Tosyn - The morning show @6am, (Area) weekdays Top radio 90.9fm.
Toke - The morning drive @6am,  weekdays Rhythm 93.7fm.

Tune in and get to know the ladies...


Saturday, 27 October 2012



If you haven't seen this video, you are probably living under a rock. Not to worry, up until this morning, I was living under the same rock. Talk about being a Lastma officer LoL. I surf the internet a lot, most times I do my show prep for the week reading through a lot of documents and staying informed and I stumbled on this video...

Russell Howard is such a funny guy isn't he? Well, if you haven't heard about the overnight, instantly famous Sweet Brown, please google her and get educated. Black Americans and the way they speak is so hilarious, I mean how does being an eye witness to a fire outbreak lead to millions of views on Youtube and an overnight celebrity status? I love it. 

We live in a world where the internet has become the home of various celebrity sensations. We have quite a number of them, VicO, Majela ZeZe Diamond aka Queen of Vagina.. etc. However silly these videos appear to be, you cannot ignore how viral they get and just like that, they become instant hits. Let's give them some credit for making us laugh. 

Queen of Vagina

People need to stop knocking other peoples hustle. Find out what your own talent is and stop hating. I mean..."Ain't nobody got time for that" excuse you, that is my new phrase btw. I hear Tonto Dikeh will be shooting the video of her singles. While the world reacts, she is gaining momentum, so the next time you feel like throwing stones at anyone, think - Ain't nobody got time for that.




The morning after the night before as I like to call it.... Last night was really heavy (I promise there was no walk of shame), truth is, I haven't been out clubbing in such a long time. I attend a lot of social events but those outings are most times work related because in my field, you meet a lot of people and they have events which you get invited to, so that when you have yours they have no excuses. At least that is how I see it.

Don't get me wrong, I am a rocker, an unrepentant and unapologetic one at that. I love to go out, unwind, network and basically escape my forever buzzing mind. "Don't judge me", after all, we are young.

Yesterday was Sallah and I had a million and one invitations. It also happened to be my nephew's birthday and I tweeted about meeting up with the radio girls as well. Let's just say I was out till 2am and I could have stayed longer but everywhere was so packed. The human traffic at all the major hangouts and bars in town was so uncomfortable, I bailed. Literally everyone was out at the same time and if you live in Lagos, you would have discovered that there aren't that many options we have here. 

It was a good night over all, I got to see a lot of friends I haven't seen in yonkers and now I am stuck in bed, way too tired to move and might I add, hungry.

Just checking in with you, I will upload some pictures from last night in a bit but until I do; 

Oooops! Thank you all for the corrections, I guess I am still sleepy


Friday, 26 October 2012



Guilty pleasure;  Something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Err thank you wikipedia for that definition but I could have told myself that. Lol this is a crazy article to celebrate those guilty pleasures of ours. If you are perfect, this one is not for you. For the folk like me  who are not ashamed to admit those things that we indulge ourselves in, this is for us... 

Angelina Jolie

Famous actress, Angelina Jolie (soon to be Pitt, someday or never) has these latin words tattooed on her mid-section "Quod me nutrit me distruit" It means that which nourishes me, also destroys me. How sad, the silent struggle we have within ourselves to do or not, to eat or not, to go or not.... The list is endless so lets share some

Hi my name is Toke Makinwa and I am addicted to shopping, eating Sushi and some Marks and Spencer shortbread biscuit. It is actually not even funny anymore. I have withdrawal symptoms if I go without eating some sushi in a week, I also day dream about the M&S biscuits all day everyday too and the shopping, please don't even get me started....... Guilty Much

If you have some guilty pleasures, please share them

Thursday, 25 October 2012



Happy Holidays boys and girls, I hope you all are having a great time celebrating if you are muslim and relaxing if you are not. I got another email last night, I would like it if you guys can take some time out and share your thoughts on the matter of  'broken trust' in a relationship. I will highlight the major part of the email so as to get straight to the point.

"We have been dating for 12 years. I met him when I was 18 and he Is the only guy I have ever loved and trusted,  all that has changed now because I recently found out that he has been cheating on me for 5 years. He has a child from another woman and this is breaking my heart. I cant sleep, I cant eat, My world is shattered and I feel helpless. Was I not good enough for him? I don't know how to try again please help me, will he change? Will he do it again? I'm I safe? I really hope you reply me"

There you have it, the only question I have to as is if she still loves him? I hate that bad relationships make us question ourselves. There is nothing wrong with you, almost every girl has been cheated on at some point in her life so please don't ever feel like if you had been a certain way or done certain things, the story would be different. Forgive yourself and let go of all those emotions sweetie.You did all you know and sometimes if that is not enough to make your man faithful, that is totally on him and not you. It's ok, you will be fine.

 What does your gut tell you? I am not a relationship expert, we are all learning as we grow but I  realise that sometimes we ask so many questions and if we search deep within ourselves, the answer lies within. I always tell people the 'relationship' is by far the hardest ship to sail. Sometimes things take a turn for the better - And Sometimes they don't. If you don't believe me, ask Queen Latifah Lol

If you have some advice for our troubled friend, perhaps you have dealt with this predicament before please share




Ellen Degeneres is one of my favourite people in the whole world. She makes me so happy I cannot completely explain why, maybe because I see her as an inspiration. It is one of my dreams to have a talk show just like hers and I have been working on this for about 6 years now. Wow, I wrote my synopsis for my talk show exactly 6 years ago and even if I haven't brought that dream to life yet, I believe that success is a journey and not a destination. I keep pruining and refining the synopsis, adding and removing and generally making it better.

Back to Ellen Degeneres, if you don't watch her show, as a visitor to my blog I would like to implore that you do. She is such a joy to watch and you cannot deny that she has a good heart. Apart from entertaining, she tries in her own little way to make a lot of dreams come true. It is so amazing how much effort she puts into putting smiles on the faces of many people and let me not even start with her interviewing style. Every guest seems like a life long friend of Ellen's, and her jokes and dance steps keep me laughing till the show is done. Ok let me share a little secret with you guys, I have written to her before, and even though I still haven't gotten a response, cos I'm sure she gets letters from a hundred million people a day (If there is anything like that), I find the show extremely refreshing.

On this blog, I enjoy sharing my lifestyle with you. Let me upload a clip of when Britney got a surprise dance lesson by the famous Psy on the Ellen show. I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did. 

A line from one song keeps playing in my head....
"All I want is a room somewhere, far away from this cold night air, with an enormous chair, ooooooooh wouldn't it be lovely". From 'My Fair Lady'. Audrey Hepburn rocks.




The weather today is HOT. I came out of the studio and stepped into the scorching sun with only one thing on my mind, the beach! How I wish though, lately every public holiday we have I spend sleeping  if I am not working.
I have been to work this morning, it's almost as if the rains have decided to give us a break too. So boys and girls do not miss this perfect opportunity to reach out to your friends and plan a picnic on the beach. You can carry your sunglasses, iPod, magazines and of course a lot of munchies. Enjoy the holidays, before you know it'll be back to work again




The weekend is around the corner and there are a million and one things happening in Lagos. If you are about to start planning your weekend, this comes In right on time.

Thespian muse is pleased ton present Small Talk, a series of conversation for social adjustment, on Friday, October 26 at Bogobiri House, Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi at 6pm!!!

The present generation of Nigerians has been described as 'talking too much'. However, without speech, one cannot plan or strategise; without talking, we cannot inspire soldiers to action, the broken cannot be encouraged to stay strong or the wounded toward healing. So come out and be a part of this movement.

There will be a music interlude featuring some of Nigeria's finest talents; Lolo Eremie, Nigerian Idol finalist, Diwari and Project fame finalist, Marvellous Odiete as well as speacial appearances by several creative industry favourites.

Why am I blogging about this? Cos I am going to be there....

Omoye 'Brownie' Uzamere

Thespian Muse is a creative content provider and curator with influences in the Theatre, Film and Music industry

Brownie is an actor, theatre producer and OAP at Rhythm 93.7


Wish List


Pink 'Diorissimo' leather bag

In Mariah Carey's voice "all I want for christmas is youuuuuuu." I woke up this morning thinking of my christmas wish list and the letter that I would write to Santa Claus this year. I do this every year btw, I literally take a look at the year under review and how good/bad I have been before I write to Kris Kringle.

This year, I have been a good girl at least mostly... hehehehehe. I love the smooth clover 'Diorissimo' bag by Dior. Just so you know if you have one, I am totally Jelly of you right now. They come in different colours but the pink stole my heart and I haven't been breathing properly since I saw a picture of it. This new iconic line with timeless elegance embodies all the craftsmanship of Dior. It is a leather two handle option (carry in hand or across the body) mink grey on the inside and definitely a must have.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Lights Camera......Strike a pose


The headies was so much fun, Pictures from the event are still hot commodity and I just stumbled on some pictures of me backstage which I would love to share with you. (Btw, I'm not asking) Lol

Toke Makinwa waiting to present the award for Best Pop song

ChuddyK, Adaora Oleh, Toke Makinwa and Tymix

MI Abaga, Omawumi, Cecil Hammond and Toke Makinwa

Did I tell you guys how awesome MI and Omawumi hosted the show? They worked so perfectly together and I still crack up when I remember some of the jokes they shared that night.

Fun times.....
Special thanks to for the pictures.


New Music Video


I love Rick Ross, even with his moobs I absolutely love this song. Maybach music group is doing so well at the moment. This is a chunnnnne and a half and the video did not disappoint as well.  Wale is quite on point lyrically and ya'll know I love me some Drake too.




Yes, I am a drama queen and I make no apologies. Anyone who sees the title of the post will probably expect to read something so serious, bordering on life threatening such as; career change, who to get  married to, dieting...etc. I guess with me you never know. In my opinion, we get all too serious sometimes and it can be such a trip.  Life is too short mannnnn, I mean why cant we have problems such as what car do I drive out today? Breakfast in Paris or Dubai? To buy a plane or not?...etc. Seriously, some people have these things as problems and all I will say to that day soon, those will be the only things I have to worry about too.

Ok I want to change my hair, all year I haven't experimented much and that is mostly because I have been so busy working. I don't have the time to fuss much about wearing my hair long or short. Not because you guys nag me about being covered in long hair, which I love btw, but I want to do something different and I need your votes. Are you ready?

I have 3 options and 2 hours to make up my mind so lets do this guys, and please ignore my obsession with Rihanna. (no be small thing)

What do you guys think about this? 

Or this?

What's it going to be?

The only thing I am sure of is that I want to wear my hair low for a change. Out of the 3 pictures above, I can't seem to make up my mind. Ooooooh I have a thought, perhaps I start with the 3rd one and keep working my way up. I am certain till next year, or till work demands, that I wear my hair differently, I want to explore life with a pixie hair cut so wish me luck.

Cheers to the guys, you guys are so lucky you don't have problems like this. Now singing 'If I were a boy', jokes, I love being a woman.




I have asked this question a million times, who exactly invented the BRA and what the hell was he/she thinking? I know support must be high up on that list but does anyone find this piece of lingerie a tad bit uncomfortable? I do, sometimes I wish I could walk around without wearing any actually.

Life is so funny, I remember growing up, I was such a late bloomer. All of my friends had their chest filled out much earlier than mine and I hated getting naked in a room filled with women because while they all had bras in different colours and designs,  I was still wearing a bandeau "bra top". This use to frustrate me so much that I started wearing a bra regardless. I would fill up my chest with socks and chest out. Lol

Many years down the line I'm asking for freedom!

 Every time I get home, the first thing I can't wait  to take off is my bra. I feel the twins sigh of relief deep in my rib cage who else feels this way? There are so many other essentials that leave us all wondering who invented you. and what the heck were they thinking......

I am just thinking out loud this morning

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

From me to you...


I got an email from someone last night, He/She would love to remain anonymous. In the email, I was asked a question that I have been asked so many times; "Toke how do you handle all the negativity" the person is a frequent visitor to this blog, In most cases I try not dwell on the negative aspect of life, but there was a story attached to the email that broke me. People are constantly bullied everyday and this craziness has got to stop. I do hope my reply to your email was sufficient, I also pray that you overcome the phase that is upon you now.

First let me encourage anyone reading these lines who right now might be under some sort of fire, we all go through things that aren't always pleasant. Well, let me not generalise but I do. I have had my whole life scrutinised by the public and I don't hold anyone responsible for it but myself. I am after all in the media profession (Radio and Tv) and I learnt  very early that people will always have opinions. Please don't let me kid you by saying it doesn't get to me, I remember the very first time I got a backlashing from a blog. lets just say it wasn't cute. It got to me cos I am human.

For a very long time, I walked around thinking there is  no such thing as 'enemies' of progress and when people around me used the word 'haters', I would very quick say 'C'mon no one hates you, It's such a deep word, you are probably paranoid, you need to chill etc" Then I realised how wrong I was. you see, there are some people who make it their profession to hate on other people. these kind of people derive so much joy from putting people down and being mean and it is not hard to recognise them. They hardly have anything good to say about anyone and as hard as it is to accept this, they are filled with the same self-hate for themselves.It is not a Nigerian thing, it has been in the world even before you got here. It is not right and I am in no way trying to encourage bullies or the act of bullying, I just want you to try and imagine what goes on in the mind of these self-hating fellow. Jealousy, rage,bitterness and a lot of emotions that they cannot articulate. They feel so little for themselves and the only way they appear to have a semblance of a life is to see another person as miserable as they feel inside. It has nothing to do with you. Forgive them, for if they knew better, they would most likely do better and if that is not enough reason for you to forgive, think about how hard It must be for the fellow who is hating you while you walk around feeling awesome. You are not a victim,As many as there are out there that hate you, there are even more who love you which brings me to my second point.

 Focusing your energy on positive things help. We all have bad days, Somedays we feel really low as it is and I know that the last thing on your mind on such days is to have someone rain on your already dodgy parade but keep your head up. Hard times come to toughen you. Everyone cannot like you, avoid listening to the negative people around you. Growing up, I was not always confident, I have hit rock bottom so many times and at different points too. Was is it bad grades, a failed relationship, family issues... the list is endless. One day, I read an interview that featured Mary J Blige and It touched me. She has battled so much and she realised it came from her root. There was something fundamentally wrong with where she was coming from. She had an aunt who was constantly negative towards her. She was told she was ugly, she would get pregnant in her teenage years and basically no one would love her. Guess what? As she grew older, because she constantly heard she was nothing, she started believing It and she said and I quote "I started becoming what they said I would" deep huh? Until she cut them all off, she could not see herself as who God made her to be. This  is the same in our lives. Stop hanging around those negative folk, they do more harm than any good.

Last thing I would say is that only God gives us the strength to go through each day and people only feel threatened by what they don't understand. If you soak yourself immensely in his grace and love, you will not have any room to doubt your future. It's ok for people to hate you, Jesus wasn't liked and before you chew me up, I am not comparing you to Christ, I want you to rise above the tears and the fear. There is so much that has been put inside of you. My sister sent me this over the weekend when i was feeling bad about something I heard someone say to me...

"Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have no time to criticize others"

 Remember you cannot please the world, you were not put here on earth to do so. Stop making excuses for who you are, Live your life as much as you can, after all, those who love you will need no reason to and those who do not will also need no reason for their actions.

The only person you can work on is you. 




2 weeks ago I posed for a fashion label called House of Marie in an amazing photo-shoot that was styled by the very professional Lucylurrv. Lucy has been my stylist for quite a while now and I must admit I really love working with her. We get up to no good but in the end we are both stunned at how much work comes to life beneath all the jokes, eating and all that champagne. OMD.

In my profession, you cannot have enough pictures in your portfolio. We got together, Lucy and I, and she chose to show the different sides of Toke Makinwa with the different outfits.

The pictures were taken by Celebrity Photographer Mousa Mousa who is such a joy to work with. Overall, it was an experience not to be forgotten soon. His expertise is second to none and his jokes are out of this world. I felt very comfortable and I also got to learn that close up pictures work better for me. Ok ok ok let me post the pictures and let you decide.

I absolutely love the cigarette pants and the blue peep toe shoes. Not my usual every day style but I am learning to be more versatile.... I love it and I wont mind throwing on more trousers.

The Makeup for this look was bordering on Gothic and I Love it. The dark eyes draw you in and captivate you. It screams sexy and dangerous at the same time...

The white dress is so glam, the statement on the left shoulder enhances the beauty of the lace even more. My fav look out of the 3 would be ....... I'm really not sure.
Let me know what you think.


Monday, 22 October 2012



As some of you may know I absolutely love the colours black and gold. It is the layout of this blog and when it was time to decide the colour of my dress for the Headies, I didn't have to think too far.

Toju Foyeh, the young and talented Nigerian Designer made the dress above. I have to say Nigerians are doing big things in the fashion industry and we are slowly but surely becoming a fashion capital on our own. It is a black and gold lace dress and check out the back of the dress....totally breathtaking.

Look at how toned my back looks? "Self appreciation", if I don't love me, who will..right? Lol. The show was really nice, I had so much fun. I got to present the Best Pop Song of the Year category, which went to Iyanya. 

Guess what? I did the etigi dance on stage before I announced his name. #Coverseyes•

The Toju Foyeh store is in V/island, you can visit them at number 31, Adeola Odeku street. They have amazing stuff and she recently just launched her Diffusion line, which is basically ready to wear,  affordable and casual outfits. (don't you guys just love how i am ready to share info on all i do?)

Thank You to and for the pictures.


Beauty TIps by Toke


Did you know that Lime/Lemon could be used to treat Spots?..... well I had no idea. I woke up on saturday morning and as I was about to drive out of my house I noticed I had little pimples on my face. I literally almost had a coronary because unlike some of the sisters out there who can boast of a Kim Kardashian figure, or a Nicki Minaj kind of body, my face is my only asset and I cherish it a lot . Oh yeah, vain me, but isn't it so annoying how this unwelcome guests come unannounced and in most cases, at the worst time and that could ruin ones self esteem.

I had a wardrobe fitting with the lovely Miss Toju Foyeh for the headies on saturday night and when I got to her shop I bombarded her with my nagging problem. The tiny pimples, which looked like white heads, were staring right back at me on the side of my face. Toju was actually laughing at me cos as far as she was concerned, they were hardly visible but I wouldn't let it rest because I knew they were there. I was just waiting for her to release me and the next item on my to do list was a trip to Okoli supermarket in Dolphin. I planned to spend hours in the beauty aisle of the store and read through every single beauty product they had for the treatment of pimples/acne/whiteheads/etc...after all it could have been anything...even malaria! Suddenly Toju said 'you know what, buy lime it works'. I'm like, good old lime? How? Would my face not itch even more? She kept saying trust me it works, it has no chemicals, it is all natural and all the spots will dry up. I grudgingly accepted the advice and Toju being the sweet person that she is, bought some for me.

After The Headies I washed my face and put some lime on the affected area. To be honest with you I was so weary cos it stung a little bit and I had the text ready that I was going to send back to her, had it backfired. I woke up the next day and, just like that all the spots had cleared, NO KIDDING! 

When next you have spots, do not be in a hurry to use all the big names, try out some lime/lemon. After all, nature has provided its own remedies and they do work. You can thank me later.


Friday, 19 October 2012

Gender Equality

Are we all Guilty?

So what I am about to write can be received in different ways. It could be viewed either good or bad, some might laugh, others get irritated, some may even find it amusing but this morning on my show we talked about it and I was not surprised that the topic had a life of its own. However, before Nanya and I could say Jack Robinson, the time was up. We signed off the show but the phone lines kept buzzing. On the other end, a lot of infuriated callers with diverse opinions could not air what they felt about this matter so I thought to myself, what the heck, you have a platform Toke, thank heavens for my blog, you can read and leave your comments.

From time memorial there has been this silent war between men and women, and even though we are way out of the Stone Age, I realise this ugly monster rears its head in some departments of our daily existence that we are unaware of.  You may wonder what I am talking about? Let me start from the beginning.  On the show this morning, Nanya decided to share an email that he received from a listener (name withheld). In the email, the young man complained about how materialistic the women of today are. He met a girl and when he approached the young lady, she asked if he had a car before she could even consider getting to know him. He didn't have one and the girl moved on. The guy she met after had a stretch limo which he borrowed to impress this same young lady. She fell for that and decided to empty the cookie jar. Now my main focus is neither the limousine guy nor the cookie jar. My opinion is this, I do not support greed. I do agree that today there are some greedy elements in our characters. What I would say is I don't believe that it is a 'woman' issue alone. 

We are all guilty of the 'dating someone for what you can get' factor and before you shoot me down, let me explain. The guys feel women over-stress the materialistic issue and I am here to announce to the lovely men that they do too.

 I watched a video clip of a survey that was carried out where men were asked what they find attractive in a woman, short of meeting a babe, what is the first thing you men think about? All the guys in the video opted for the physical appearance. I have sat with a group of guys before and you would not believe the silliest and shallow excuses most of them have as reasons for dating. Is it okay for the guys to have a list of preference and, oh boy, they do have some annoying ones; She must be yellow, 'hence some women resort to bleaching', she must have a great shape,  'hmmmm gyms are full to the brim these days', she must have child bearing hips, she must come from a particular area, 'it doesnt matter if she is a witch or not' she must speak fluently, 'don't even get me started on this', she must have a fashion sense. 

Mr Man has got it all figured out right? So why cant the ladies do same? Why are we quickly termed gold diggers? Is it because some of us have certain standards? Is it wrong to have standards? I heard one story about a guy who schooled here in Nigeria but on his list of 'must find in a woman' he wrote: She must have a foreign degree. I was weak when I heard how many girls he had fashied because they didn't school in London or America. I'm like dude, did you? They also told me not to equate material things to physical appearances and I laughed that off because as far as I am concerned, it is the same thing. The guy making his list has exempted a lot of important factors, same as the woman who wants a rich guy. I do not support dating someone for what you can get off the person but I would like us to be  a little bit less self-righteous and more honest with ourselves. If it is ok for a guy to choose colour of skin when he can't create a person, a woman should not be shut down for wanting a man with a house in Monaco, another in Ikoyi, Lagos, rolex watches and lovely cars. I had this guy friend who believed in dating foreigners because in his own words 'black girls have drama'. Men know what they want, they have standards too and somehow society does not discuss their own silly and shallow excuses but for the 100th time, we women take the fall for ours. They have totally analysed our anatomy in songs and no one complains, but when we say we want a certain type of guy instantly we are told our standards are high and sometimes we get the "get real" response.

Nanya gave me the Barack and Michelle Obama speech again and I cannot stress this enough. If you watched the speech Michelle gave, she revealed that she and Barack had similar backgrounds. They both came from homes where there was very little and even though she got ahead of him in life, they had the similar background factor, that in my opinion is easy. Try a world where Michelle was the Princess of Wales, chances are the story might be different and I keep saying this, he became the president because he had a woman like Michelle. If she married a coffee maker, he probably would be in the white house today. I do not condone greed, I just wish that the men would cut us some slack,and admit that it is not a 'woman' problem, We are all guilty of it.

So when next you want to call that sister a Gold-digger, assess yourself and be sure that you are not guilty of the same.

Feel free to agree, disagree, hiss, like or move on


Miss me?


Hey Guys, I know I have been MIA for some days, I think the last time I blogged was on Tuesday. Miss me? I miss hanging out here as well lets just say that a girl has been busy hustling and just yesterday I tweeted that 24hours is hardly enough hours in the day anymore. I have a million and one things to do of late and when I am not working, I am thinking about work. This industry is fierce and only the strong can survive in it. One has to keep at it and keep pushing till the closed doors open for us. (can I get an amen?)
 So what did i miss? this week went by so fast and it reminds me yet again of  how fast the close of the year is coming upon us. 'hmmmmmmmmmmmmm' ok let me get right into updating my blog
I apologise for being away and a massive shoutout to @ninia_01 on twitter. Home girl gave me an order this morning and here I am.....


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Toke the Host's HOST


So on saturday I hosted the Headies nominees party. It was so last minute hence me not telling you guys on time. I got the phone call at about 6pm and because I love what I do, I rose to the occasion and it was a lot of fun.

I love to Mc/Compere events so feel free to hire me to host anytime. Here are some fun pictures from the night out. I wore a daring black dress from Vonne Couture, tell me how you like it.

Toke Makinwa and Dayo Ephraim on the red carpet

I arrived at the venue at about 11pm. I walked the red carpet and had to stop and chat with Dayo who I love so much btw.

 Toke Makinwa in Vonne Couture

Toke and Dayo still chatting 

Toke chatting with the crowd.. hehehe Fun times

Oh no.. I did the peace sign

Toke Makinwa
The show was so much fun, i cannot wait till the actual awards which is this saturday, and I am presenting an award. Will bring you all the scoop from the event.